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Menu of Services

Financial Management Consulting     
Sophisticated financial strategy consulting
Long-term strategy plan to upgrade credit rating
Financial Restructuring & Reorganization
Financial Management Policy Plan        
Multi-year Operating Budgets                        
Capital Budgeting & Planning                                      
Risk Management                                                             
Treasury Management 
Rate Studies                                                                       
Negotiate Redevelopment Agreements
Outsourced CFO & Management Services

How to increase efficiency 
Optimizing the use of Technolgy
Improve workflow processes                                              
Reorganization Plans                                                        
Devise alternative revenue and service delivery strategies
Communications/Marketing/Public Relations
Improve Constituent relations                                        
Benchmarking & Best Practices                                      
Strategies to combat uncontrollable expenses
Management evaluation tools                             
Grant Solicitation & Management                                            
Procurement Progams

Alternative Service Delivery Solutions  
Shared Services                                                               
Outsourcing & Privatization                                
Regionalization & Consolidation                        
Feasibility Studies                                                           
Implementation Planning                                              
Continuing Surveillance  & Oversight

Personnel Management & Recruitment  
Department Head Recruitment                                                  
Negotiation Strategies & Cost Modeling                                   
Calculate Retroactive salary adjustments                                 
Fringe Benefit Analysis                                                                
Salary Surveys                                                                                
Personnel Policy Development

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